5 Indications That Someone Is Using Drugs

These days it is not uncommon to know of someone who is using drugs. Teen drug use has especially been on the rise. It has been reported that 17 percent of American high school students are smoking cigarettes, drinking or using drugs during every day. A recent survey of 1,003 students was recently done, in which 86 percent affirmed that they knew their classmates were using drugs or alcohol during the school day and more than half admitted that they knew of places on or close by campus where students could go to smoke, drink or get high.

Marijuana was said to be the most easily obtainable drug, followed by prescription drugs, cocaine and ecstasy. In fact, almost 44 percent of students surveyed admitted that they know of a fellow classmate who sells drugs. Many parents claim that private schools may offer a better environment for their children, but the number of students attending private schools who reported drugs on school grounds increased from 36 percent in 2011 to 54 percent in 2012.

A Look At The Teen Drug Use Problem

Teens admitted that their curiosity of drinking or using drugs increased after viewing pictures of other kids partying. In fact, another recent study of over 10 million online messages, written by teens within the past year, revealed that they commonly talk about using drugs, drinking alcohol, hooking up and partying.

Many teens may agree that drinking and using drugs is cool and “in” and chatting with their peers over the internet offers a more private and quiet way to talk about this topic without their parents realizing it. The Internet also provides users with information and tutorials on how to use and obtain certain drugs as well as how to hide their use from parents and authorities.

It is clear that through education, people can obtain information and in turn, make good decisions for themselves. Schools should offer more courses such as the well-known D.A.R.E. program that specialize in drug and alcohol abuse as well as how to handle peer pressure.

Parents can talk with their teens more and inform them of the dangers of using drugs and alcohol. Teens should also be made aware of the social consequences of using drugs such as rumors or embarrassing pictures being posted on the Internet as well as the repercussions that may come from doing things you wouldn’t normally do if you weren’t under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Know The Signs Of Drug Use

Luckily, there are many telltale signs that could give away whether someone is using drugs. Teens can use these warning signs to spot if one of their friends are abusing drugs. This list can also be of great use to unsuspecting parents. Pay attention for any of these signs:

•    Withdrawal from family members and friends
•    Sudden change in behavior
•    Loss of interest in favorite activities, hobbies, etc.
•    Mood swings or irritability
•    Red, glassy or bloodshot eyes

These are all legitimate conditions in those who are abusing drugs. If you notice any of these symptoms in someone, seek help right away.

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