3 Reasons Marijuana Is Most Popular Drug

MarijuanaMarijuana is unquestionably the most popular illegal drug that is used around the world. Even with this top spot, it is not the number one cause of death, that spot belongs to prescription painkillers such as Oxycontin, codeine and Vicodin. That being said, the number of marijuana admissions have continued to increase over the years and it remains the top drug sending people to rehab annually

The Lancet Journal just released a new study was just released Thursday that analyzed the abuse of opioid painkillers and cannabis. (There was not enough data to include hallucinogens and Ecstasy in the study.) It was found by the researchers that the highest drug abuse of rates was held by men’s in their 20s. The countries that had the highest rate of drug problems included the U.S., Russia, Australia and Britain. However, there were not very many concrete numbers that could be relied on, which led the researchers associated with the study to use modeling techniques in order to develop the estimates that were posted.

According to the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation from the University of Washington, Theo Vos, even with solid data availability it is unquestionable that drug abuse exists in all areas of the world. Vos also stated that it has been proved that people are most likely to abuse the drugs that are produced close to their home. For example, opioids and amphetamines are most commonly used in Australia and Asia and cocaine in North America. The absolute lowest ratings of drug abuse were found to be in Africa and Asia. Illegal drug use in 2010 caused the death of 78,000 people, with more than half of those deaths being due to the addiction to painkillers.

Patterns of Drug Abuse

Experts also stated that the study has shown patterns of drug abuse that are shifting and that need to be addressed. The use of prescribed opiates throughout the United States only started in the past decade according to an expert from the National Addiction Center that is located at King’s College London. They also stated that within another 20 years the patterns of drug abuse may shift again in ways that cannot be predicted.

In a study that was loosely related, it was found that drug abuse problems go hand in hand with mental health problems, which include schizophrenia, cocaine addiction, and depression and this has killed more people around the world than road accidents, diabetes, tuberculosis and AIDS. In countries that are still developing, such as India, the attempts that have been made to stop AIDS have decreased due to the fact that they are helping more and more people kick their drug addiction.

These studies prove that while marijuana is the most popular drug, it is addictive and does send people to rehab on a regular basis. Not to mention the number of people getting into accidents under the influence of marijuana or using it as a gateway which eventually lead to the abuse of other substances.

Because of its availability, mis-information about its dangers and use statistics that hit close to home, marijuana continues to be a real threat. The only saving grace is drug prevention done regularly to stop use before it starts, effective drug rehab solutions and possible changes in the laws to further regulate marijuana use.

And as time goes on further studies will indicate the use and problems associated with marijuana. For more information on the dangers of marijuana see our page at http://www.narconon.co/marijuana.html.

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