3 Reasons Holidays are Dangerous for Drug Addicts

christmas fuck face ugly familyDuring this time of year, most of us turn our attention to the special beauty of the holiday season and look forward with quiet excitement to all the things that make it one of the best times of the year.  Each family has its own traditions as well as the shared traditions of festivities, get-togethers, holiday foods and decorations along with a renewed hope for peace on earth and goodwill towards our fellow man.  But for those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol it can be a time of increased danger which puts the addict at greater risk than other times of the year.

Holiday Awareness Campaign

Drug education is a vital part of raising awareness of the dangers of drugs and drug use.  Done factually and effectively, drug prevention education results in a person being able to use good judgment and make informed and good decisions as regards drugs and drug use.  This drug prevention education is an ongoing public benefit activity done year-round by Narconon Freedom Center Michigan, whose Drug Education Lecturers deliver drug prevention education presentations to schools and the community.

With the advent of the holidays, this long-term residential rehab located in Albion, Michigan has bolstered their drug education efforts to include a holiday drug education campaign specifically to raise public awareness of increased dangers to those struggling with substance abuse and addiction.

As a vital part of the drug addiction education campaign, Executive Director Brian Kuehne of Narconon Freedom Center Michigan outlined some reasons why the holidays are a time of increased danger for addicts.  He also noted it is a time when those who are in recovery are vulnerable to relapse.  So for those who are addicts themselves, or families and loved ones of an addict, it is important to be aware of the reasons the holidays are a dangerous time for drug addicts and alcoholics.

Holiday Dangers

The overriding danger is holiday stress which can cause those battling with drug or alcohol addiction to not merely to continue with their substance abuse, but to find reason to escalate its use.  In addition to the adverse effect this has on families, causing upset and worry and disruption to holiday plans, the holiday season stresses can actually push the addict “over the edge”, prompting increased drug use and risking overdose.

From the general overall stress of the holidays, we can identify three specific sources of stress which are 3 reasons the holidays are dangerous for a drug addict.  Those are:

1.  Family Pressures

Family gatherings and the increased demands for social interaction and socially expected conduct can exert enormous stress on the addict.  While others are engaged in holiday activities, the addict will continue to be engaged in compulsive drug seeking and drug use.

2.  Parties

The holidays are known for parties, and alcohol and even drug use have become an accepted and common party activity.  The addict is vulnerable to escalated substance abuse and overdose in a party environment.

3.  Holiday Blues

In addition to being a time of happiness and joy, the holidays can be a time when the painful feelings of loneliness or depression or anxiety are felt more deeply.  Because of the nature of drugs and alcohol and what they do to the mind and body, an addict is already more vulnerable to experiencing these unwanted emotions (feelings), and the holidays tend to magnify them.

The Solution

The solution to the dangers of the holidays for the addict is to give the gift of sobriety and the opportunity to live a drug-free life once again.  The safest and best place for an addict to be during the holidays is in a long-term residential drug rehabilitation facility, beginning a personal journey of recovery.  It is the greatest and most lasting gift which can be given–the gift of a new life given in the true spirit of the holiday season.

To give the gift of sobriety to yourself or a loved one, one in drug rehab, call a Narconon Freedom Center Michigan Intake Counselor at 877-362-9682 or visit http://www.freedomdrugrehab.com.

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