10 Signs of Drug or Alcohol Use During Prom Season

promIt’s May, and that means that we are now in the full swing of prom season. Hundreds of thousands of teenagers are sprucing up their tuxedos and formal dresses and are hopping into limos. Many will be lining up for awkward photos with their dates and trying to abide by the “six inch” rule when dancing during the slow songs.

While prom season is great fun for most teens, there is also a dangerous side to the season that parents need to be on the lookout for. The number of teens drinking and using drugs skyrockets during prom season, so parents need to watch out for the signs that their children could be in danger.

Here are ten signs of drug or alcohol abuse during prom season.

1. Your child won’t tell you who her date is or the group that she’ll be hanging out with

It’s okay to be a bit “nosey” and want to know who your child will be hanging out with. If he doesn’t want to tell you, there might be a good reason. The friends in question might be well-known drug users.

2. Your teen ignores you and acts annoyed when you want to talk about alcohol

It’s normal for teens to act a bit annoyed when parents try to talk about matters of safety, but if yours is completely blowing you off and won’t listen, she could have something to hide. It’s likely that your teen is feeling guilty about the drug and alcohol use she is planning to engage in.

3. She won’t agree to use a limo service that doesn’t allow alcohol

There are many limo services that pledge to not allow their customers to use any alcohol. If your teen refuses to use one of these services, they really shouldn’t be going to prom at all.

4. You can’t get the contact info for the parents of you teen’s friends

If your teen is planning on heading over to a friend’s house after prom, it’s sensible to ask for the contact info of the friend’s parents. If your teen doesn’t want to share the info, that’s not his actual plan.

5. He won’t tell you what his plans are for after prom

If you ask about what the post-prom plans are and get silence, there’s a good chance that your teen has something illicit planning that he doesn’t want to tell you about.

6. She won’t agree to a curfew

Likewise, if your daughter won’t agree to a curfew, there is a good chance that she is going to try to hit up a party that will have drugs and alcohol available.

7. Your teen’s date has been in trouble for drug use in the past

Try to get to know the date of your teen. If you find out that he or she has been in trouble for drugs in the past, you might want to suggest your teen find a different date.

8. He wants money for an unknown purpose

Asking for money but not being willing to talk about where it’s going means that your teen is trying to chip in cash for booze or communal drugs.

9. Your teen is trying to rent a hotel room with friends

The main use of several friends renting a hotel room is to have a location for drinking at an after party. It’s okay to tell your teen a flat “no” when he asks to do so.

10. It’s several hours after prom and your teen isn’t answering the phone

You’ll want to give your teen some privacy and to enjoy her night, but there is also an expectancy to be home by a certain time. If your teen won’t answer the phone several hours after prom, it’s time to find her.

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