Freedom Treatment Center

Freedom Treatment Center in Albion, Michigan is just a two-hour drive from the Detroit Freedom Treatment Center in Albion Michiganmetro area and attracts clients from Michigan, Chicago and all across the United States and the world.

Freedom Treatment Center has several successful approaches to handling substance abuse.

They are:

  1. To free addicts from the physical cravings that prevented them from stopping drug use on their own.
  2. To clean up the mental and emotional components of why they started using drugs in the first place.

Over the 11 years seven out of ten of Freedom Treatment Center graduates have stayed permanently drug free.

The pain of living with addiction is too much to bear but, breaking free from its grasp is impossible to do alone. At Freedom Treatment Center, we understand the conflict and challenges of seeking help for addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one. Contacting an intake counselor at the facility is the right first step to make, and a caring group of professionals are ready to help in the transition to freedom from addiction.

History of Freedom Treatment Center

For more than 40 years, the Freedom Treatment Center facility in Albion, Michigan has been helping those addicted to alcohol and drugs and their family members learn to leave behind the pain and misery of Freedom Treatment Centeraddiction. Treatment and recovery at Freedom Treatment Center can restore physical and mental health, heal families and set you back on the course to happiness and hope. When you fill out the feedback form or speak to a counselor about seeking treatment for yourself or a loved one, you’ll also learn why the Freedom Treatment Center in Michigan is a facility that encourages and provides peace, serenity and a safe haven during recovery from addiction.

  • Freedom Treatment Center History. The Freedom Treatment Center was founded in 2002 and built in Albion, Michigan. The clean, comfortable and safe environment includes well-appointed bedrooms for much-needed rest. The remainder of the facility includes relaxing lounge areas, casual classroom settings for learning important life skills and a fitness room to help you restore health and strength. A facility that promotes relaxation and enjoyment during treatment helps with the recovery process.
  • Peaceful Surroundings. The Freedom Center in Michigan is a 58,000 square foot building nestled on 10 wooded acres full of mature oak trees and wildlife. It’s not uncommon to see deer grazing early in the morning or late in the evening. Periods of peaceful reflection can be enjoyed while walking the woods and enjoying the beauty of the natural surroundings. The small city of Albion is located in Michigan’s south central area, and our facility can be found in a quiet, semi-residential area.
  • Addictions Being Treated at Narconon Freedom Center. At the Freedom Center in Michigan, our caring, professional staff helps people with addictions to alcohol and street drugs such as cocaine and heroin. We also treat those suffering from addiction to prescription drugs, such as painkillers. We believe it’s possible to be completely drug-free and graduates of our program have enjoyed a drug-free life for decades following their successful treatment.
  • Program Overview. Successful rehabilitation from drugs or alcohol relies heavily upon a full detox program. Our detoxification phase helps you or your loved one become drug-free by allowing all drug residues to leave the body in a safe environment. Following the detoxification process, the combination of a supportive environment, the teaching of life skills, exercise, proper nutrition and vitamins helps support a life in recovery.

Let the Freedom Treatment Center Facility Help TodayTheravive Award

An effective treatment program is critical to regaining health and a life outside of addiction. Our facility was built and created with our patients’ complete needs in mind. Instead of focusing solely on addiction recovery, we help our patients recover by also working to restore good health and mental stability through a drug-free approach. Your loved one will benefit from the round-the-clock care of medical professionals and counselors as he or she begins to heal. If concerns and fears for your loved one’s health and safety are on your mind day in and day out, one phone call to Freedom Treatment Center can secure the help needed to make drug and alcohol abuse a thing of the past.

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