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To do more than just stop abusing drugs, our drug rehab program helps rid the body of harmful toxins through biophysical therapy.

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Life Skills

Assisting individuals in making sound decisions and clearly seeing right from wrong, as well as how to continually improve in their lives through a series of courses.


Narconon Freedom Center

providing an effective addiction treatment program for you.

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A Non-12 Step Drug Rehabilitation Program

Narconon Freedom Center

Narconon Freedom Center is a holistic based drug rehab program that focuses on healing the mind, body and spirit. Instead of telling you that you will be an addict for the rest of your life, Narconon teaches you how to live a drug free life through a full body detox and teaching you valuable skills to continue improving your life beyond recovery.

Our program is designed to handle the barriers to sobriety by focusing on cravings and the underlying issues that led to your drug abuse. Through our sauna detox program and life skills courses, you will be free from drugs and able to handle any challenges life brings you.

Achieving Sobriety at Narconon Freedom Center

Each individual that comes to Narconon Freedom Center is our number one priority. Our main goal as an addiction treatment program is to help you see there is a better life ahead of you and teach you how to achieve this.

As you progress through our program, you will address all aspects of your life, which allows you to continue to improve your life upon returning home and experience long-term sobriety.

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Drug Overdose Deaths In Michigan On The Rise

The deaths caused by fentanyl-laced heroin is on a major trend pushing 58 deaths in Ann Arbor. These deaths are all related in which even experienced users are overdosing due to the potency of the heroin being pushed all around the state of Michigan. Particularly, the drug is induced with two of the most powerful […]

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I Didn’t Know This Much About Myself Until Now

“Before I started Objectives, I did not know as much about myself as I do now. I did not know what exact triggers would bring out my emotions. I also did not know how to keep going through a problem until I solved it. Doing Objectives made me realize and understand my emotions and how […]

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Narconon Freedom Center Has Changed My Life

“The Narconon Freedom Center program has changed my life in multiple ways. It has helped me think clearly and rationally to process my choices from the past then deal and accept the past. It taught me communication skills along with respectively getting my point across. It prepared me for taking steps to repair different important […]

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